Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BAO Item of the Week

This week here's a pair of my Dehli earrings that I'm offering free shipping on. And the BAO team has quite a few specials running. Click on the BAO blog to see the details.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Marvelous Monday

If it's colorful, sculptural, sumptuous and dramatic - it's got to be Harlequin!

"When Jenne Giles began making wearable art, she sought a medium that could combine her love for painterly color, sculptural form, folk art, craft, and electrifying costume. All of this she found in felting."

And yes, she has an Etsy shop! Here's how she describes her scarves:

"The Rose Scarves are exceptionally feminine and functional scarves that will turn heads when you wear them! They can be worn completely up, as pictured, to create the layers of soft petals that give the scarf its name, or can be worn more casually, in a cascade of spiraling ruffles. They can be worn with many outfits, from jeans to evening wear. These scarves also make wonderful gifts for loved ones. Each one is as unique as the person who wears it".

Visit her shop - you'll fall in love with her magnificent scarves! And Mark, if by chance you're reading this - my birthday's right around the corner! One last dramatic picture to get you on your way - and have a marvelous Monday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Melanie West and BioBangles

This November, Philadelphia will be buzzing with the 32nd Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. This is a premier show and sale of contemporary craft which feature 195 of the finest and most dynamic craft artists in the United States. It is a juried show and these artists were selected from 1,402 applicants. It's so exciting when you see someone you know apply and get in!

Melanie West is the first person I met at the Synergy Conference this past year in Baltimore. Prior to Synergy, she had started a new line called Bioangles. She introduced it here. That was beginning of something grand. The name changed (to BioBangles) and the form changed a bit. Her inspiration comes from Nudibranchs. A quick google search led me here where you can make the connection between these slimy creatures and her beautiful work. What vision! The work began to transform into something even more elegant. She describes the evolution of her BioBangles here. So, this November, Melanie West makes her entrance into the 32nd Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show as an "Emerging Artist". Best of luck Melanie!

Want to see more???

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wood You, Could You, in a Box?

Syron and Bonnie Bishoff have been designing and making furniture since 1987. They create a very strong visual effect when combining polymer clay with various wood surfaces, along with carved and shaped elements. I've seen some of their pieces in shows in the past, but I've never seen their vessels. If you haven't seen them either, you're in for a treat.

And I couldn't help but want to see this piece up close. Incredibly beautiful!

Monday, September 22, 2008

BAO Items of the Week

The BAO team offers items of the week. Each week the items and their specials change. Check out each item this week for some great deals!

Marvelous Monday Inspiration

A little color in those perfect places, lots of organic shapes and watch the magic! Today's inspiration comes from Karen Kamenetsky, a fiber artist, who says her current work comes from microscopic cellular imagery. When you go to her website - you'll see her wonderful interpretations. I think it's very Klimt-like!Have a marvelous Monday!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Treasuries

SandFibers included my bead in this beautiful "Audacious Autumn". Visit her shop and read about this gorgeous collaboration bracelet she made with Lisa Peter's button!

And here's one by Triz - who says she is challenged when it comes to beadweaving with yellow. Her treasury is called "Yellow Mellow". She blogged about it here. I loved Carol Dean's comment about using an amethyst or ametrine focal bead with pale yellow seed beads, etc. I'll keep a watch on her blog to see if Triz follows through! Purple and yellow . . . great combination!
And here's my favorite piece of the moment by Triz. You can read about it by going here!

Friday, September 19, 2008

ABS Filigree Challenge Inspiration

I noticed how Heather Powers at Art Bead Scene had announced her September challenge to be Filigree. I just happened to be surfing the internet when I came across this artist's work. He offers beautiful hanging screens, ceramics and lighting for interior use. Here's a little inspiration - I'd love to see someone translate this using polymer clay!

I sure wish I could have seen the image on the top right better. The room looks so beautiful with the jamaica sea blue touches.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Inspiration. Let's be honest. Somedays you got it and other days you just don't. Sometimes when I go into my studio, I have a predetermined color family in mind that I'm going to work with. Sometimes my inspiration comes from my external world and sometimes from my internal world . . . from contemplation. At least that's how this recent piece evolved. I wanted to make a bracelet, but didn't know which colors to use. I had the design in my head, but I was not ready to commit to a color. More about that in a bit.

As I mentioned previously, my daughter Lily will become a bat mitzvah this November. There's been a lot of discussions and party planning going on in our house. Lily was given her bat mitzvah date two years ago. Her date fell on the parsha "Lech Lecha". One of the things she has to do to prepare is to read the parsha (Torah portion or teaching), write a speech and to share what she got out of it. So, as a family we began discussing this Torah portion. It led to discussions about lying. Is it ever o.k. to lie? What if you had purchased something like a dress and you ask your friend, "what do you think"? If they think it's horrible, should they be honest? If they don't they'd be lying. Things aren't always black and white. We further discussed what kinds of situations might arise that you may not be so honest about. And, is that o.k.? Sometimes, there's that grey area you have to consider . . . . which led to . . .(yeah there really is a point to this) my COLOR selection. Black, white and grey - go figure!

The design was a polymer clay tile bracelet but I wanted to do something different with the "spacers" in between the tiles. So - I figured silver is a grey, right? Here's what developed.

In between the black and white tiles are the sterling silver tubes. Set into the tubes, they have alternating black and white textured polymer clay. And on the tiles are some of my original silk screens. This piece is titled "Black and White or Grey". The funny thing is, I toyed with adding red in the tubes. But I realized that it wasn't meant to be - it was simply black and white or grey.

Monday, September 15, 2008

BAO Item of the Week

What a great selection of goodies offerred up this week by the BAO team. Read about it here and see what their specials are. This special offer is good from September 15 - 21.

Marvelous Monday

The weekend is over and here we are at the beginning of a brand new week. Here's some photos to help you put the zing in the zang . . . and have a marvelous Monday!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Polymer Caricatures

You're sure to smile as you view the work of Tatiana Franchi from Sao Paolo, Brasil. They are wonderful caricatures from polymer clay. I love their expressions. And the dentist? Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Excited

The other day Mark and I had an appointment with our caterer for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah (coming soon . . . November 1!). Up to this point, I've been going through the motions, checking stuff off the list and pretty much dreading all the work ahead. But today, thank God, it happened. We were in Brookline, MA so there were some stores I wanted to stop off at on the way home. First stop - Paper Source. Yay! I love going to that store! Five years ago, when I was planning Julienne's Bat Mitzvah, I did a rather large photo collage. I was happy with the results except for one huge faux pas. I used construction paper as part of the collage. Can you guess what happened? Fading. Big time. Not good. So this time around I'm a little wiser. My new mantra is "acid and lignon free". I was looking for the decorative paper I was going to use. And Paper Source has plenty of that.

But, did I mention there's a number of items things there that can be used with polymer clay? OK - I did get a little sidetracked. While Mark was busy looking at their birthday card selection I quickly moved, ok - snuck, over to the embossing powder, stamps, glitter, and jewelry findings (who knew?). And then it was onto the Xyron sticker maker. But that really was for Lily - ok - maybe a few business logo stickers (thanks to Blockpartypress who really rocks in the packaging department!). Anyway, somewhere between the decorative paper and the Xyron sticker maker, it happened. I was finally getting excited about making this photo collage. I felt my head begin to buzz with ideas. I stopped off at a frame shop and picked up a 32" x 40" black mat board. Ambitious, right? So, my deckle scissors, punches, paper, photocopied pictures (on acid and lignon free paper), oval cutters, etc. are now all out over my dining room table. I have officially invaded our dining room.That's the way it's probably going to look for a minimum of two weeks (more likely four).

But before I start that project I've got a huge box full of invitations that need to be stuffed and sent. And guess where I put those? On the kitchen table, of course. Looks like we'll have to eat out tonight! ;o) And so it goes . . .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Front Page on Etsy

Boy, what a great day. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. The icing on the cake was my Snow Geese pendant made the front page of Etsy. But what's really cool is some other members of the BAO were there with me! Thanks to Blockpartypress for the heads up!

Monday, September 8, 2008

BAO Item of the Week

It's Monday and the BAO Item of the Week is once again live! Check out all the goodies that are included!

Today, I made the front page of Etsy. Yay! This was the treasury that was selected:

Marvelous Monday

I was searching through my BAO teams etsy shops, flickr, blogs, etc. when I stumbled upon the work of Jennifer Maestro. Her resume is rather extensive and she's been published in 500 Baskets and 500 Objects. She was originally inspired by the form and function of the sea urchin. Here's what she says of her process:

"To make the pencil sculptures, I take hundreds of pencils, cut them into 1-inch sections, drill a hole in each section (to turn them into beads), sharpen them all and sew them together. The beading technique I rely on most is peyote stitch."

She also has an etsy shop and flickr pages. I really enjoyed seeing some of her "work in progress" on flickr. Hope you enjoy!

Her forms are fabulous and the process is amazing. So sit back, grab a coffee and have a marvelous Monday!

She didn't begin working with pencils. She originally worked with nails and screen. I am in awe of the power of her work. To see more sculptures using nails, click here.