Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Trip to Burlington, VT

I've been away again at one of Lily's last summer basketball tournaments. This time, it was a drive up to the beautiful city of Burlington, VT. Burlington is bustling with energy as it sits amidst several colleges. We managed to enjoy a nice relaxing meal with some friends at Sweetwaters. Sweetwaters is located on Church Street which feels very much like Faneuil Hall here in Boston. No cars are allowed on this street, theres lot's of shops, restaurants and people watching. We ate outside, drank the local beer, and enjoyed the view. Ben, my physical therapist, insisted I try Magic Hat, or not come home. It didn't disappoint!

While perusing the internetI saw this beautiful polymer collaboration piece by Annie Pennington and Jillian Palone. There's so much I love about this piece. The texture, the patina, the colors and the shape. Sweet!

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